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Why Belong To The Comanche Foothills Neighborhood Association?

The Comanche Foothills Neighborhood Association Board consists of volunteers who meet regularly to discuss neighbor suggested improvements, to help keep our neighborhood safe, and to keep our neighbors informed.

Why should I complete a membership form?
The City of Albuquerque requires each Neighborhood Association to verify the number of neighbors they represent. We accomplish this with the completed membership forms.

PLEASE…consider joining or renewing your membership in the Comanche Foothills Neighborhood Association. The Membership Form can be downloaded by clicking this link (requires the free downloadable Adobe Reader available at Thank you in advance for renewing your membership and being an active Member of the Comanche Foothills Neighborhood Association!

Payment Info Using PayPal
If you want to pay via secure PayPal, you can do that easily with your PayPal account or, if you don’t have a PayPal account you can pay using your credit card on PayPal. Unfortunately, we have to charge $1.00 fee ($11.00 dues) because PayPal charges us for the convenience of using their service to accept payments.


A Few of Our Accomplishments…
The Comanche Foothills Neighborhood Association was responsible for changing what was an undeveloped open space into the linear park we now love, and for getting speed humps added to higher traffic areas for improved neighborhood safety?

We recently updated the neighborhood sign on Comanche at the entry from Tramway. The older, outdated sign needed a facelift and your dues helped to pay for that improvement.

The Comanche Foothills Neighborhood Association is responsible for refilling the ‘doggie bag’ dispensers along the linear park? If you don’t think that’s important, then watch out where you step in the park area south of Candelaria which is outside of our Neighborhood Association!

The Comanche Foothills Neighborhood Association is responsible each year for planting and maintaining the beautiful flowers at the Comanche and Tramway entrance into our neighborhood?

The Comanche Foothills Neighborhood Association is a member and regularly attends District 8 Coalition of Neighbor meetings, an organization that represents 27 eastern Albuquerque neighborhood associations? We also attend planning commission, district council and other meetings where issues are discussed that may affect our neighborhood. We are your community voice for improving our neighborhood, keeping our neighborhood looking great and staying safe, and fighting for our rights on those things that we believe are bad for our neighbors.